Sunday, August 25, 2013

messing with photos

 abalone shell 
 japanese grass
 lavender... end of season
favorite glass orbs

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Vacation! not going anywhere.... doing exactly what I want, when I want!

 I've had a week long vacation.... at home! 
It's nice to putter around
... I'm slowly building up my gallery wall...
 I picked up some cheap frames ($1 !!) at a couple of local thrift stores
a few different paint treatments...a few instagram photos... 
(great memory keeper that Instagram)
the one above is the backside of the beautiful Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC
I stayed there in April, had a lovely 6th floor room with this view... so pretty
 a much manipulated picture of the gorgeous Japanese garden at the Laurel Point Inn... again Victoria
but a different weekend!  the frame is really cheap plastic - no glass

 another $1 frame, some Japanese wood block paper and my favorite magnetic poem  
I really do wonder....poetry or poison... whichever... I need both
 a while back I painted this frame with Annie Sloan chalk paint in duck egg blue
LOVE the color... just not here
this print looks so much better with a flat black frame

my ugly orange hued pine coffee table finally gets new life
( boy do we need a new fence)
with some Annie Sloan chalk paint in Antique White
she's lovely... now for a colorful table runner.... 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

feeling the urge to paint something..

A work in progress.  Not sure what to do with this next but I will think of something.  Playing with my watercolor pencils and my favorite shape making bubbles.  too much fun!

 I am sure someone thought these were lovely at one time. me not so much .. but they were the perfect shape for a couple of Instagram photo's.  A little flat black metal paint for the frames, some Paris Grey Annie Sloan Chalk paint for the mats and ta da.  
 I see this little row boat on my weekend walks to the beach.  I wish I could float away for a little while.
 My margarita and Sweeties appy at Fred's Mexican Restaurant on Maui.  Just steps away from our condo, the food was fantastic!  Check it out! Fred's Mexican Cafe - Kihei

Saturday, April 6, 2013

endless fascination with trees

 would this look more interesting upside down....hmmmm
 juicy fat buds on a magnolia tree
 moss and lichen surround the scabs but the blossoms still come
 trees and rocks!  a match made in heaven
the first buds of gorgeous maple leaves

Saturday, March 30, 2013

for the love of hellebores

 like little fairy skirts dancing on the breeze
 hellebores ....such a carefree plant
 all manner of petal shapes and colors
 they push their way up through the cold cold ground
 to Awe us with their beauty
 long before most other flowers
 delicate, yet not
 white, pinks and purples
 sometimes, pale pale green
a most worthy obsession 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

March, a long time coming

Cherry blossoms arrive so much earlier for Victoria, BC than at home.
They are so lush

To the side of a stunning Japanese garden sits this lovely little pot.  
The reflection of a perfectly shaped tree captures my attention.
an early morning walk along the harbor... it's just so civilized!
What fun it is to play with BAD photo's
 more of the stunning Japanese garden at the Laurel Point Inn
My very Favorite little City!  Victoria, BC