Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holed Up ~ making Christmas cards

I've been "holed up" in my craft room making Christmas cards. At least that's what Sweetie calls it. I moved my laptop out of the way, then piled paper, pens, glues, stamps, inks and so many other things I can't see the table top. For a highly organized individual (read: anal retentive) this mess I find oddly comforting.
A wonderful youtube video I stumbled across lead to the two 3D cards above.  It was very easy and I really enjoy the results.  If you are interested check out this link: Origami Christmas Trees
The three cards above are the result of cutting up some old cards I've had laying around for years.  This was fun, and what a great way to recycle!

I had to do something with this lucious paper I found at The Papery in Victoria..  I doodled on it with one of my many gold pens.  I think I have a pen addiction....
I'm not sure about this one... so I haven't glued it down yet. I think it needs more pizzazz.
The cardinal is from a stamp set I purchased at Michaels last week.  The snowflakes too!  LOVE IT!  And it looks particularily pretty in person as it's highlighted by a Jelly Roll pen... "copper star"

This is one of my many attempts at wire words.  So cute... but I need to wrap my pliers as they removed some of the lovely color from the wire.


Catherine said...

Your cards are beautiful Angela! I sometimes use recycled cards as well to craft ~ very fun! There's nothing like a lovely crafty day when it is cold out. I put in a movie and craft my day away!

Happy Wednesday!
xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

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