Monday, February 28, 2011

the funniest sayings....

 Blogs are like sharks, they have to keep moving or they die!

Since I have no photos of sharks I had to resort to finding some copywright free ones on the internet.  I think it's interesting that the two that appealed to me the most were tattoos.  Hmmm... No. not for me. definitely don't like needles.
I can't remember where I heard this but I really found it funny and somewhat true so thought I would share.  And, yes, I have been feeling like mine is getting quite repetitive and dull.  I need some Art imersion inspiration and soon!


Gladys Love said...

Love the tattoo shark that you have first. Altho I don't want to wear it! Definitely up for some art immersion!

aguja said...

How apt is that quote. I love the sharks you have found. Next time you need a shark, I have photos of toy sharks ... not brave enough to face 'shark reality'!!

Back next sunday.