Sunday, January 16, 2011

Totally tangled in Beads for Life :)

This Christmas my niece gave her sister the most beautiful bead necklace.  We were all amazed to find that they were made of paper, hand rolled and then coated with a protective covering.  They are made by Ugandan women and sold online or at home parties through Bead For Life.  GORGEOUS!!

So there I am, thinking I've discovered a new and wonderful treat to share with Gladys, I email her a link to the website.... Wouldn't you know it, a day later when she comes over to exchange Christmas gifts (we aren't really very traditional or time oriented!) she gives me this luscious bag of beads!!!  What is this phenomenum called?  I know there's a name for it... Anyway, she got quite the chuckle out of my email.

Totally Tangled - another little goodie in my Christmas gift was this wonderful book.  Needless to say, once again I am imersed in tangles!  My hand hurts!  It really takes some practice and exercise to be able to tangle for very long periods of time. :)

So here are my first attempts at zendoodles since the carpel tunnel surgery of 2009.  I have oftern wondered if my zendoodling brought on the need for surgery....

The outline of my hand proved to be more odd than interesting but I will perservere.  I think this one needs a lot of shading and tons more detail to make it even okay, but as they say... practice practice practice! Oh what fun!

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