Sunday, August 25, 2013

messing with photos

 abalone shell 
 japanese grass
 lavender... end of season
favorite glass orbs

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Vacation! not going anywhere.... doing exactly what I want, when I want!

 I've had a week long vacation.... at home! 
It's nice to putter around
... I'm slowly building up my gallery wall...
 I picked up some cheap frames ($1 !!) at a couple of local thrift stores
a few different paint treatments...a few instagram photos... 
(great memory keeper that Instagram)
the one above is the backside of the beautiful Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC
I stayed there in April, had a lovely 6th floor room with this view... so pretty
 a much manipulated picture of the gorgeous Japanese garden at the Laurel Point Inn... again Victoria
but a different weekend!  the frame is really cheap plastic - no glass

 another $1 frame, some Japanese wood block paper and my favorite magnetic poem  
I really do wonder....poetry or poison... whichever... I need both
 a while back I painted this frame with Annie Sloan chalk paint in duck egg blue
LOVE the color... just not here
this print looks so much better with a flat black frame

my ugly orange hued pine coffee table finally gets new life
( boy do we need a new fence)
with some Annie Sloan chalk paint in Antique White
she's lovely... now for a colorful table runner....