Friday, March 26, 2010

Abkhazi Gardens - Victoria BC

Sweetie had an appointment in Victoria on Friday so we decided to head there a couple of days early. We spent a warm Wednesday afternoon walking downtown, enjoying China town, Market square and the other areas around our hotel.  Thursday dawned rainy and grey so what better day to do a garden shop tour. I got out the yellow pages and made myself a nice big list. When I came across the ad for Abkhazi Gardens it seemed like the best place to begin our tour and of course, the photo ops would be great. 

Abkhazi Garden is a wonderful example of the immensely important work done by The Land Conservancy of BC.  It is well worth the price of admission.  We were thrilled by what we saw here in late March and are planning on visiting the gardens again in early summer. 
The views from the summerhouse at the top of the property are some of the best in the garden.

Across the rocky terrain a peek-a-boo view of the summerhouse shows the diverse landscape of this garden.

One of my favorite plants, the Pasque flower gently nods its head to the raindrops.

The base of this red cone spruce is the largest I have ever seen.  I had no idea they grew this big!

You know it's spring in BC when you see the Skunk cabbage blooming.  We could smell this long before we saw it!

The garden is also home to many different species of wild life.  This guy seemed to pose for the photo op.  He wasn't shy at all.   I didn't realize I had captured one of the three turtles who call this pond home~ lucky me!

I had to ask the garden steward what this amazing architectural plant was... and wouldn't you know it, I can't remember what she called it.  Next time I'm bringing a pen and paper along!
Sweetie noticed this burl perched on a stump.  Isn't it amazing.

This makes me want to make hypertufa planters - I hope Gladys will want to join me!

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Gladys Love said...

Yes,she does want to join you!!! Your picture of skunk cabbage makes the one I took at Loon Lake look like an elementary attempt!