Monday, June 28, 2010

a different point of view

I am sure there are days that my neighbors think I have lost it.  I will be laying on the ground under some plant taking pictures...  trying for a unusual perspective.  Today I decided to give up control (gasp) and let the camera do all the work. Holding the camera under the lily, I just snapped away.  I didn`t know what I had until I unloaded the card.  What a wonderful surprise!

I love how in this shot the background was in focus, not the lilies.  I think this is how I see without my glasses...

Here`s another odd perspective, I think I`ll call this one Tower of Flower. 

And when you focus down - the trees shadows look like lace on the ground.

And way way up, the rainbow ring around the sun is subtle and beautiful 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

before & after

This post should be called "before and work in progress".  Let's be honest, in the garden there never is an after.  You are never really finished!  My lovely lavenders, planted along the edge of the driveway were so filled with weeds that you couldn`t distinguish one from the other. After some sweat, sore knees and a sore back (I`m getting too old for this crap) they look a tad better.    

This disgraceful mess was the fence line between us and our wonderful neighbors.  One day we ladies got fed up with the falling down fence and weeds so we went for it and cleared it all out.  Neither of us were crazy about  the idea of replacing the fence so we purchased a few beautiful clumping bamboo plants and started from there.  I cleaned up the garbage on our side (stuff Sweetie thought we would eventually use) hauled in some rocks from around the yard (yes, I have quite a collection) and that was that!  

On my side I`ve purchased a few new plants but mostly just relocated plants that are generous enough to multiply. I definitely need some more color in here (yes, didn`t I say we are never done) so will continue to tweak!

With a $6 can of Krylon paint for plastic and the best invention ever for DIYèr a spray can trigger from Lee Valley tools, the ugliest stained white lawn chair can be transformed into something you might want to sit on!  I have 5 more chairs to go.... just waiting for a day that isn`t so windy!

And then there are the before and after`s that you really have nothing to do with.  Summer has finally arrived, the plants are making good use of all the rain we have had, and are bolting in the sun!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

how can you not love trees?

For a tree to become tall 

it must grow tough roots among the rocks

~Friedrich Nietzsche

Do not be afraid to go out on a limb ... That's where the fruit is. -Anonymous

The day I see a leaf  is a marvel of a day.-   Kenneth Patton
Noble, sacred and ancient
Trees reach the highest heavens and penetrate the deepest secrets of the earth-   Tree Magick by lavenderwater
And then there are other trees....was this once a woman, who maybe decided she loved trees so much she would rather be one?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a few more favorite plants

Always a favorite, the butterfly flower of French lavender is such a treat.

A spreader, but in a good way, golden hakone grass, was slow to establish, but very worth the wait.  The leaves are bright yellow in full sun and take on a more lime green tinge in part shade.

Once referred to as my ginkgo stick... this came home with me from a Canadian Tire garden center in the back of my car.  It is finally starting to look like a tree! 

The newest magnolia to join our collection... is very quickly becoming the favorite!

As always, mock orange shrub is a stress free plant that just gives and gives and takes nothing in return.

One of the most magnificent plants is also free in this area.  The Western sword fern grows wild in these parts.  We have relocated quite a few over the years and with some spring trimming of old leaves, some mulch and a bit of water, they grow to unbelievable proportions.  The CDs hanging from the tree are there to scare away the deer that love to eat my hostas!  Sometimes it works, sometimes not...

Another new addition to the garden this year is a giant solomons seal.  The flowers aren't as obvious as on the common variety but the height and the leaves are spectacular.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

97 photos later....

This time of year a 10 minute walkabout in the yard can result in 97 photos. Once I get snapping I loose all semblance of control.  

What I love about digital photos and the many editing tools out there is you can control exactly what is seen, and what is NOT seen.

With this photo I managed not to show you the grotesque messy area to the left that once housed a very nice deck. Over time, and yes, with some neglect, it just rotted away into nothingness. The nothingness actually came about after applying much muscle and sweat to many power tools. In the end we hauled away 6 pickup loads of rotten lumber.  My vision for the area is a lovely little rock/gravel garden with wrought iron stairs coming down from the french doors.  Right now it's just a big ugly space full of weeds and left over garden pots, French doors that badly need paint, and no stairs at all. And no, you can't see it!  Well, maybe if I do a before and after photo shoot. 

I guess I could have cropped out the fiberglass lampshade from the 70's (it's sitting in a lawn chair on the front deck) but then we wouldn't see the peek-a-boo view down the lane between the house and garage.  My plan was to power wash the lampshade, line it with moss and plant in it. We shall see...

At the moment a yellow bird magnolia tree,a mock orange shrub and an evergreen clematis are blocking the view of our front door.  Which is really okay by me as it badly needs a paint job. I just can't decide what color it should be.  I really need to weed around those lavenders!

A mock orange shrub is now climbing all over the new roof (love the new roof).  Yes, it really is a shrub.  I guess I should try to curtail that a little for next season.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

At last, a nice weekend

This weather makes me want to go to the beach, or at the very least play with photos from my favorite beach.

celebrate the liquid magic ocean
delicious secret velvet blue
embrace free wet peace
in translucent surroundings
the soft rhythm seeps in
from the universe, deep & brilliant
like a lingering kiss

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wild Roses

These wild roses smelled so wonderful, if only we had scratch and sniff. 

I waited as long as I could but he just wouldn't turn around!

It seemed like it would never happen, but we did see a blue sky this weekend!!

This is the only piece of fence left between us and our good neighbors.