Monday, May 30, 2011

Hornby Island, BC

 Some very lucky soul lives here
 I hope they don't mind that I am sharing a little piece of their paradise with you.
 A sneak peak of Tribune Bay If you enjoy camping... check this out!
Rocks!  I LOVE Rocks!
The World really is round !
I see so many things in this rock sculpture....
Ring around the rosie - this installation is amazing

This guy was watching us in the ferry lineup.  He looks annoyed at the wind!

Monday, May 23, 2011

May Day parade in Cumberland

 It's a glorious day for a parade.  The streets are lined with people waiting anxiously for it to start.
 We have clowns in gowns
Even clowns in trees?
 pretty turquoise classic cars...
 and marching bands too!
 The Shriner's zip along in their funny red hats
 And a token Camel, just for you.
 Come on a hay ride
 thanks to the Antique tractor club
 Wind surfers finish the show...
 And the clowns say goodbye for another year.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bird watching

 It was Sweeties birthday a few days ago.  All he asked for was a bird feeder so he could look out and watch the birds....  I am reminded of something my dear dear nephew said to his mother upon realizing that his parents had become bird watchers... "Holy Old People".  Yes, that is now us.
 I do watch birds, and take pictures of birds, but look what you can do with that!
 How much fun is this.    I love Picnic!
 I would like to note that mr gargoyle does not appear impressed with the bird watching.
I can't help but mention those damn dandelions,  Why do they have to look so darned happy?  I have so many in my back yard I am thinking of making wine.  Just kidding....