Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a few more favorite plants

Always a favorite, the butterfly flower of French lavender is such a treat.

A spreader, but in a good way, golden hakone grass, was slow to establish, but very worth the wait.  The leaves are bright yellow in full sun and take on a more lime green tinge in part shade.

Once referred to as my ginkgo stick... this came home with me from a Canadian Tire garden center in the back of my car.  It is finally starting to look like a tree! 

The newest magnolia to join our collection... is very quickly becoming the favorite!

As always, mock orange shrub is a stress free plant that just gives and gives and takes nothing in return.

One of the most magnificent plants is also free in this area.  The Western sword fern grows wild in these parts.  We have relocated quite a few over the years and with some spring trimming of old leaves, some mulch and a bit of water, they grow to unbelievable proportions.  The CDs hanging from the tree are there to scare away the deer that love to eat my hostas!  Sometimes it works, sometimes not...

Another new addition to the garden this year is a giant solomons seal.  The flowers aren't as obvious as on the common variety but the height and the leaves are spectacular.

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