Friday, May 7, 2010

zero to three, all I ever seem to say

Sweetie has strict orders to lay low, in fact weeks zero to three, they don`t really want people to do much of anything.  Sit outside in the sun for a bit, a lazy stroll around your yard, some light crafts ??... you get the picture.  This is very hard for a guy who has two speeds, flat out vertically, and flat out horizontally (picture man laying on couch).  I am finding it difficult as well because any time I want to do something around the house, he feels like he should "help".  I am constantly saying "zero to three... remember what the book says"  
So here I sit on my couch (really, it's just a loveseat) taking photos of the most fab shadows on the wall.

The water globe in my plant is projecting an almost planetary shadow ~ isn't it lovely.  It looks like a storm trapped in a bubble.

I love the sunsets in our backyard.  The new maple leaves look like lace on the trees.

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