Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kamloops... must be the hottest place on earth

In a delirium of heat we drove through the city,  the air conditioning just blasting, looking for somewhere cool (right!) to enjoy an iced coffee.  We found McArthur Island Park, yippee!  Sweetie promptly laid down a blanket on the grass beneath this massive tree.  He spied this birds nest immediately. 
This fluffy feather grass was everywhere. I really wanted to bring some home with me.
I went for a walk along the waters edge (in the shade of some gorgeous trees) and saw this little guy sunning himself.  The Yellow bellied marmot.  Cute huh!
This little guy was as curious about us as we were about him.  He got really close to Sweetie, then his tail blew right up!  Watch OUT.
Creepy.... a murder of crows.

A shot of Kamloops from the hotel window. It's bigger than I expected. 
We stopped for lunch at a little cafe and our waitress suggested we check out The BC Wildlife Park.  
When we got there they were just feeding the birds of prey.
This guy put on a great show, swooping over our heads. Yikes.  Wow is it HOT HERE.
They have two grizzly bears, both quite old, but still very intimidating. Sweetie was totally enthralled. 
This cute little train does a circuit of the property.  Would have been a godsend in this heat had it been running  when we arrived.  Bad timing I guess.
The clouds were just too far away to make any difference to the heat here.  I swear you could feel your skin sizzle when the sun hit.  

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Angela, Wonderful photos...great trip ...sorry about the heat, I like your words 'feel your skin sizzle'!
Thank you for the visit to my place!