Saturday, July 13, 2013

feeling the urge to paint something..

A work in progress.  Not sure what to do with this next but I will think of something.  Playing with my watercolor pencils and my favorite shape making bubbles.  too much fun!

 I am sure someone thought these were lovely at one time. me not so much .. but they were the perfect shape for a couple of Instagram photo's.  A little flat black metal paint for the frames, some Paris Grey Annie Sloan Chalk paint for the mats and ta da.  
 I see this little row boat on my weekend walks to the beach.  I wish I could float away for a little while.
 My margarita and Sweeties appy at Fred's Mexican Restaurant on Maui.  Just steps away from our condo, the food was fantastic!  Check it out! Fred's Mexican Cafe - Kihei


aguja said...

Wonderful embryo moments when the urge to create arrives.

My granddaughter would just love those bubbles. She is one and discovered bubbles recently.

For myself, I love the boat - just perfect for rowing off to a shaded spot in which to reflect.

Angela said...

Wonderful to hear from you again. I feel the same about the row boat!