Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Art Therapy - Everyones cup of tea?

I have only read one blog, it was Oprah's 21day cleansing diet and it's sad fact that before I do anything I usually buy 10 books about how to... How out of character to jump into a blog ~ but I just clicked a couple of buttons and ta da! ... here I am and I have no idea what I am doing.

What I like to think is that there are lots of people like myself looking for a way to express themselves through Art.  We just haven't found our medium yet.  You know the type (you may BE the type ) ~ I've seen you in my drawing, stained glass, ceramics, bonsai, landscaping, water color painting, pen and ink classes ..... you get the picture don't you.

My good friend Glady's and I like to call it Art Therapy (note the capital A & T). My latest endeavour is photography and picture manipulation, and NO I haven't taken a class yet...
There are tons of free programs out there for amateur photog. Can anyone recommend one that might stand out from the crowd?

And what are you doing for your version of Art Therapy?

And yes, Gladys I did update the pictures here after you made your comment.  I have an almost neurotic need to edit this blog.  And the tree really looks more sinister in black and white doesn't it.

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Gladys Love said...

I think you should carry on with your current artistic focus. That picture is incredibly surreal with the trees in the mist. You realize of course that you are going to have to share??? Good work girl!