Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bird watching

 It was Sweeties birthday a few days ago.  All he asked for was a bird feeder so he could look out and watch the birds....  I am reminded of something my dear dear nephew said to his mother upon realizing that his parents had become bird watchers... "Holy Old People".  Yes, that is now us.
 I do watch birds, and take pictures of birds, but look what you can do with that!
 How much fun is this.    I love Picnic!
 I would like to note that mr gargoyle does not appear impressed with the bird watching.
I can't help but mention those damn dandelions,  Why do they have to look so darned happy?  I have so many in my back yard I am thinking of making wine.  Just kidding....


lilabraga said...

fabulous pictures and a very creative eye behind the camera!!!

aguja said...

We do not often see our birds, only hear them, shaded from the heat, in the trees. I love the photos and in particular, your captions!