Friday, June 17, 2011

The Island Life

We are on the ferry, approaching Quadra Island.  Just a hop skip and jump from home... yet we seldom seem to visit.
Is it my right brain or left brain (or both) that really likes to see things lined up in a row?

Got quite a kick out of this man sized chess board at the Harriot Bay Inn.  Where, incidentally, they have a pub that takes you back in time (one of the you have to see it to believe it things!)

Looking out from the Harriot Bay Inn to the ocean.  Nice...

Much better shot of things in rows :)

Fascinating old piece of a float on the beach.  I really like the colors.

Just caught the little one following Mom into the brush.  So cute.  Hard to believe he will grow up to be the pest that eats my plants and kills them.

A real West coast lighthouse.  The subject of many a postcard and water color painting found in Campbell River.

Living a good life.... motoring between two islands in the sun.

Just a cool stumpy tree.  Need I say more?

Just about home again.  A quick little day trip that was tons of fun.
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aguja said...

Thank you for the photographic tour! I want to be there, collecing all that sea washed drift wood. I am not sure about right and left brain sides. I could guess 'left' and be wrong. There is something satisfying in rows .... but not too many as haphazard is good too.
Thank you for shring and brightening my day.