Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seattle, day two

 Day two, beautiful weather! We walked over to the Space Needle and caught the monorail to Westlake Center.  From there, a short walk straight down Pine Street brought us to Pike Place Market.
 The first thing I noticed, besides the crowds of people were the gorgeous flowers.
 Every size, color and type imaginable.  Wow!
 Sweetie immediately noticed the lobster tails.  If only we could bring some home....
 The corner market and lots of people....
 Sweetie didn't make it past the cannoli's!
 Some underground magic (not really under ground, just the floor below..)  Love the posters!
 Across the street we found an Olive Oil sampling shop.  Now we're talking!
 And a wine shop.  Hand harvested, family owned.  That's something to dream about.
 The fresh chili's were hanging from the rafters...
 Even the dried ones were so colorful.
 And the bottled chili's.  Too many to count!
 Let's not forget the coffee, this is Seattle after all.  Love the packaging.
 We had lunch at the smallest little restaurant, 5 seats on each side I think.  BEST halibut wrap ever!
 And here is gum alley.  Really?
Then as we headed towards the water front we past this amazing metal sculpture fence.  It's been a great day so far.

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aguja said...

A late comment as i have been away in England.

Thank you for your insight into Seattle. I love the photographs. It is particularly interesting to me as I had an uncle who lived there, whom I only saw once when i was a small child.