Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday in Coombs

 I spent my last vacation day of the summer in Coombs, BC with my sister.  She is visiting from northern BC so really wanted to see some Island garden spots.  This is a great one!
 I love the little dish gardens of succulents.... so pretty
 And we had a fantastic lunch out on the very sunny patio
 Surrounded by potted chinese planters - full of trees and vines...
And the loveliest hydrangea I've ever seen!  It's called Invincibelle Spirit - the first pink Annabelle hydrangea.  I really have to find a spot for her in my garden!
What a lovely day.


aguja said...

Delightful to share this garden with you! Loved the amble through.

Olga said...

Great shots!