Saturday, September 1, 2012

Not that I don't love orange...

 As I was saying.... it's not that I don't love orange... I bought this beautiful orange fabric in Hawaii
 but I really don't love orange furniture.. I mean orange toned wood furniture... 
Look away again Men!  I'm painting wood, well veneer wood type product.
I think I've hated the color of my table forever so I finally decided to do something about it.
the top was going to be Benjamin Moore ice cube silver, the apron and legs, BM sun dried tomato.
 Not such a great photo, the legs look black but they are in fact sun dried tomato, and the top... well let's just say it's on it way to being antique lace. 
I found the ice cube silver a bit cool to go with the tomato legs...
 which brings me to the thing that started this little painting craze!  My beautiful new desk. 
Isn't she cute!  Not so in love with the nicotine stain looking finish...
 but she's going to be gorgeous in ice cube silver. 
see, isn't she pretty now!

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