Sunday, January 20, 2013

Maui day 6

 Our adventures today took us to the Maui Tropical Plantation - the only working plantation left on the island. We took a tram ride around the 60 acre plantation with a wonderful guide come conductor, coconut peeler, comedian who named every plant and threw in tidbits of little known facts along the way. 
 As she explained the three eyes and demonstrated a amazing husking technique she told us about the dangers of coconut trees.  Who Knew!
 It took Lelani under 60 seconds to peel a coconut - not a world record but cool all the same.
 The plantation sits on the northern end of the island at the base of the mountains, and comes complete with a lagoon.
 Plumeria trees are the tropical trees famous for their lovely flowers used to make leis.
 Between the Country store and the plantation fields are some pretty astounding plants.
 If I was at all paying attention I would say these are the coffee plants.
 Nothing says tropical to me like the bird of paradise plant
except maybe seeing a pineapple growing two feet from the ground!
After sunset is almost as beautiful as during...

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