Monday, February 15, 2010

It's been a week

So it's still a bigger slice than I expected, somehow that hasn't changed in four more days. And I now have a spectacular bruise on my wrist, a lovely mottled blue/green upside down tear drop shape.  Enough of the whining, I am actually typing with it!  It feels very stiff but the typing motion causes zero pain.  Unlike the picking up motion or the stretching motion.  I wonder if it will ever feel normal again?  After 10 years or so of putting off this surgery, do I even know what normal feels like?

The weirdest thing of all not going to work.  It's only been 5 days off but it's so unlike a vacation that I feel somewhat lost.  I don't know how people stay home (especially if the Olypmics aren't on TV ~ Go Canada Go)  Maybe in another week or so of healing I will be able to answer that question.  I now look ahead to getting the other one done.  I actually felt sick to my stomach when I booked the next appointment.  The not knowing was better for me (really!!).  I could  live another lifetime without experiencing those needles in my hand. But on the bright side, I have no more nighttime pain in my right hand and that is amazing. 

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