Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August, Where Did You Go?

I may not have taken the time to blog through the month of August but I did take a lot of photo's.  We had one of the driest summers on record for Vancouver Island and with the water restrictions we did a lot of hand watering. Well, Sweetie watered and I caught the light with my camera :)
A couple of pieces of driftwood, a chunk of wisteria (it was trying to eat our house so we HAD to cut it) some beads and string, and ta da ... a very weird looking wind chime.  I kind of like it!  I am thinking of adding some shells to the bottom of each piece of driftwood....
The tiger lily is one of my favorite plants.  It might be the color... the fact that the deer don't eat it... that it's just so self sufficient... so many reasons to love it.
 I was quite surprised that my hardy fushia bloomed this year.  I cut it back hard this spring.  Isn't it gorgeous!
 I've never had one of these before.  The Japanese lantern is a great plant to grow in a pot.  I have been warned never to put it in the ground, it's a voracious spreader.
 How can something so beautiful be called Lucifer?  A perennial favorite, crocosmia grows bountifully here.
While the deer did their best to extinguish my fatsia, it has survived.  The tender new leaves that have grown back so late in the season (there were none left after bambi and his mom were done) needed a lot of water.
 I don't remember the name of this perennial but it has been in my garden for about 5 years now.  It has a very papery petal and is a very prolific bloomer and so pretty too!
 A wild sweet pea climbs it's way up the forsythia my sister gave me.  For some reason it's the only sweet pea I can grow.
Sweetie and I ate these abalone in Hawaii. We were amazed and delighted to find an Abalone farm  on the Big Island and yes, I brought the shells home with me (I cleaned them really well). They were just too pretty to leave behind and I knew I would find a use for them one day. This one found it's way to becoming a wind catcher.  
The only area around Vancouver Island that abalone can be found is the protected area of Mitlenatch Island Nature Provincial Park and while we love abalone it's just not right to poach from a protected area.

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Catherine said...

You must have been very busy the month of August taking all these wonderful photos ~ lovely!

xo Catherine