Friday, January 21, 2011

the day the Eagles came

Sweetie noticed long before I would have... there seemed to be something odd going on...  there were eagles everywhere.  I mean a dozen of them.... It wasn't that odd to see one or two, in fact when we had cats, I always worried that they might swoop down and take one!   But this was something totally out of the norm.

 Old, young, the trees were dotted with eagles.

 And then we saw this... graphic warning!!!  A dead deer on the bank below our house.  I wonder if the dogs got him?

What an amazing weekend this was.  We spent hours watching and taking photos and movies of these majestic scavengers!  If I can figure out how to edit them, I will post mini movies...

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aguja said...

These are amazing photoghraphs. Eagles are wonderful birds and I have never had the privilege of seeing them at this close range - just as distant specks and rarely. I just keep on looking at your precious work and thank you for sharing. It means that our minds can travel along with yours, to places that we maybe shall never see otherwise.