Saturday, January 29, 2011

more tangles

Since our weather has been positively blah (it always seems to be drippy and grey) I've been stuck inside.  In order not to lose my mind entirely from zombie like TV viewing I've continued to doodle.  It's become an obsession.  I may need carpal tunnel surgery again... just kidding!

This is my current favorite.  It's kind of cutesy!
 My, what chubby little fingers I have...

I wondered what kind of zendoodles I could do with my brush pens.  This was really fun and it's no where near over!


Spangle said...

Wow! These are great. I haven't done any zentangles in a whike, but your post makes me want to grab my pen and start doodling!

Gladys Love said...

Me too....this makes me want to do some too. No concentration allowed at the moment, but soon....very soon....I hope!