Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trillium, wild Art

Along side my favorite walking trail among fallen trees blanketed by soft green moss are stands of delicate yet at the same time sturdy, trilliums. one of three Native BC plants protected by law.  I often think how wonderful they would look under the trees in my own garden....but unless an ant carries the seed for me ... it's just not going to happen.

"The Trillium: Trillium ovatum. The western trillium is one of BC’s three protected flowers. It is illegal to dig trilliums in the wild due to the protection act. Even before the law against picking trilliums was put in place folk beliefs were that if one picked the flower it would take seven years for it to grow back. The reasons for the importance of the protection of the trillium is that once it has been picked the flower’s growth is set back. The cause of such a set back is by breaking off the stem and food–making leaves the plants growth is slowed down even more. The trillium already takes up to fifteen years to flower and once it has been picked it dies and the entire process has to begin again."   Thanks to to this site for the great info: wildflower preservation.
 A pink beauty among the reeds. 
 Also emerging in the spring is the wild yellow violet.  What a beauty.
And there... around a bend in the trail, my favorite of them all, the pink fawn lily.  Isn't she stunning!


aguja said...

I love this post. Spring is favourite for finding these jewels and treasures in unexpected places. Thank you for sharing your finds.

Olga said...

Very beautiful pictures, love them all.

Ola said...

very beautiful, full spring!