Friday, April 22, 2011

Goats on the roof

A short little road trip today took us to Coombs Country Market, complete with goats on the roof.  I took so many photos that I decided to collage them.  That way I could get a whole bunch in!
Attached to and above the new Italian Restaurant called Cuckoo in Coombs (fantastic pizza as you can see in the last collage...) is a furniture store with reproduction and antique chinese furniture.  I was really struck by the adornments on the pieces.
The garden center is one of my favorite places at the market.  It's so nice to see Spring finally arriving on the Island.
Great ornaments and planters... something for everyone.
And the fresh fruit and produce market was great.  I can't wait to cut into my pineapple.   I had to include a couple of shots I've taken this week at home.  Sweetie begged for a brownie so I finally made him one.  Mine was covered in strawberries and greek yogurt.  YUMMY!


Anonymous said...

we go to Goat's veggie stand every week the entire 8 months it is open.

I highly recommend the curry cheddar in the Market's main building...particularly shredded on sliced red potatoes that have been tossed in dried herbs and olive oil. Sliced up some onion and toss in herbs and oil and lay out in a single layer (topped with the cheese) all on a large baking sheet. Put in the oven and cook until the cheese starts to brown.

Ola said...

what a colorful collage!I enjoyed watching it a lot

Olga said...

The collages are beautiful; full of colour, light, and life.