Thursday, March 18, 2010


This ruffled little cutie flew straight into one of the windows on the back of our house.  It was almost like a cartoon, bonk ~ plunk.  He landed on the seat of my Adirondack chair and laid there on his side for quite a while.  Sweetie wanted to pick him up but I manged to talk him out of that. I think the little guy would have had a heart attack on top of the trauma he had just endured.  It took almost an hour but he eventually sat up then flew into the maples at the edge of the property.  He looked so small and defenseless I really felt bad for him. I hope he's okay.


I was putting a lovely decorator pillow (sigh) in the window that was allowing far too much sunlight to breach optimum TV viewing for Sweetie when I noticed the reflection of the trees through my hanging prisms.   This one in particular is broken (while cleaning I have managed to knock them from their hangers~repeatedly) and gives an interesting slant on things.

What an lovely way to enjoy a Vancouver Island sunset.
I should admit the first couple of photo's I took here were of my wine glass with a scant amount :) of viognier in the bottom.  Unfortunately the finger prints all over the glass really detracted from the look.  I will try again at a later date!

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