Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back to work I go

Since I've been back at work I haven't made much effort to post.  But.... I've had plenty of time to take photo's and work in my garden.   I'll let the pic's speak for themselves.
A somewhat blurry but still pretty shot of Japanese Kerria.  One of the first things to bloom in my yard.
It's such a happy plant and it is growing almost 30' high up a cedar tree. 

My favourite clematis ~ and that's saying something because I LOVE clematis, is Clematis Armandii.  This lovely specimen is twining it's way around the post on my front porch.

We are lucky enough to have five flowering Japanese cherry trees lining our driveway.  I can't believe that the typhoon like wind we had last week left any blossoms but these ones hung on for dear life.  I believe our trees are Akebono.

While I do love a few varieties of Euphorbia I had no idea that this particular species ran like mint!  YIKES.  Between this and the Greek oregano my back yard is a MESS. I do enjoy the flower heads though.

And lastly, this just reminds me of Madonna.  Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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