Thursday, April 22, 2010

River mist

This morning the mist was just amazing.  I took my camera along for the ride to work to snap some photos of the lines of trees dissecting the farmers fields.  Unfortunately, the mist was so thick in some areas you couldn't even see the trees. Maybe next time.  This snap is from the parking lot at work that faces down to the mouth of the Courtenay river. A fellow co-worker said when he arrived that he had been on the other side of the spit taking photos too.  Great minds think alike!

Here's a lovely poem excerpt that I think says it very well:

It is early in the morning
 in the middle of this
Misty River
I hear the birds singing early in the morning
In this Misty River
There must be trees because the sound of the birds is coming from the Branches
Misty River
So peaceful
It looks so different with the mist
No one is around but me

~Aldo Kraas

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