Wednesday, February 2, 2011

almost done!

It's official!  I could live in my bathroom.  No, I haven't lost my mind... this is what it used to look like... well, this is what it looked like in the midst of the never ending renovation.  25 years ago it didn't seem so bad but now, just YUCK!   
 The 80's called and wanted it's ugly sinks, bar lights and stenciled walls back :)  This gross mess is what they call "floating a floor".  In order to install new laminate flooring we had to fill in all the grooves from the porcelain tile.  What were we thinking installing white porcelain tile???????
 In goes the new laminate flooring.  Beautiful and it won't show every dratted hair that falls off my head!
 Another view of sheer ugliness topping off the gorgeous new floor.....
 Yes, 25 years ago the stencilling I did looked sort of nice... now, not so much :)
The new vanities, new sinks... new faucets!  They look so tiny in this big empty room.  We couldn't find a long vanity that we liked so decided to put two together under one long countertop.  I think it might work out well with a small shelf in the middle and the garbage can underneath.
 I love the wall tattoo I found at WalMart for a couple $$.  The color exactly matches the mirror frames... which I am definitely keeping now (wasn't sure at first).  I guess I should remove the cardboard packing at the corners and hang them!   
Some new dark bamboo blinds, a nice throw for the chair and I'm moving in!


Spangle said...

What a transformation! The colour makes the room bright and fresh.

Elizabeth said...

Can I move in too?
our apartment is in need of major renovations!!
Yours looks super

aguja said...

All you need is the bathroom! Wonderfully creative. Ours is so tiny that we can only just fit into it - one at a time!

Gladys Love said...

It looks stunning in photos! As good as any on Bath-Tastic or Bath Crashers! I'm green with envy!