Thursday, February 3, 2011

Amaryllis... Apparently not?

 Years ago my Mom started a lovely Christmas tradition where in she would give me an amaryllis.  I would dutifully plant the bulb, and weeks later, would be astonished at the beauty of what it produced.
 This year, she stated that she wasn't sure what color this one was.  Rather an odd occurance because generally she chose according to color.  That said, it was quite a surprize when out came this immense, stunning white group of flowers. Good choice Mom! :)
Isn't this lovely. almost other worldly.
So, imagine my surprise when I google amaryllis (because I love to throw in a link or two to make an otherwise dull post more inviting!) and I find what I think is.... my amaryllis. Or rather, really a hippeastrum. Commonly confused with amaryllis.  Well, I have to say, if they didn't market the little suckers as amaryllis, we wouldn't think that they are amaryllis.
So you be the judge... is it Amaryllis or Hippeastrum?

And for a completely unrelated topic.... meet Watson.  He is my neices new puppy.  Sweetie and I are the designated babysitters.  Aren't we lucky.  I don't have to tell you that I already have a folder full of photo's and videos of dear little Watson on my coolmax  harddrive. 


aguja said...

'Other wordly' is such an apt description. Flowers are incredible as these photographs prove. They are art indeed .... and Watson is just adorable and I want to hug him.

Elizabeth said...

Glorious indeed.
Amyrillises blow my mind so bold and lovely!

Gladys Love said...

"Watson" is adorable. I'm glad you two are available as pet-sitters for the rest of us! There's good karma in that!