Monday, February 21, 2011

Let the melting begin....

 A quick walk about this morning reveals with an unexpected freeze overnight... the beauty of icicles.  We don't see them very often here.   I guess I really shouldn't stand underneath them very long.
 This poor plant is directly in the path of the snow melt coming off the roof.  Good thing it's a hardy specimen.
 Isn't this tangled twisted peice of ice amazing!!
 A sneak peak of the Vancouver Island mountain range... if we were able to trim some of those maple trees we would have a spectacular view.  But since they grow like weeds here, there's really no use!
 Icy gorgeousness!
Some snow damage.  I think this is fortuitous,  these branches always hit me in the head when I mow the lawn.  :)  Wow, we will be doing lots of cleanup after this winter.


aguja said...

Your 'melting' photographs are works of art - fsacinating to gaze upon.

Gladys Love said...

Absolutely beautiful in PHOTOS! It is not, however, what I expected to come home to!!! Love the font on your titles. G.