Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is just around the corner..... in Victoria !

  Mo:le Restaurant - a favorite for us!

Sweetie and I were feeling a little bit depressed (understatement really) with the blah winter blues that us Islanders’ often experience.....then you add in the world shattering events of recent weeks, really ...depressed doesn’t seem to cover it. I’m not complaining, how can I when you compare the blessed life we lead to the millions of people around the world who are suffering so much right now. It makes my heart hurt.

We decided a weekend away from the TV and housework and our rainy cold little chunk of Vancouver Island was in order. We always run away to Victoria. It really is such a lovely little city.

 The camelias are blooming in Victoria,  in March no less!

 Pretty banners at Market Square.
Sadly this place has seen better times.  We were lucky enough to catch a weekend with a Farmers Market setting up.  It was lovely to see people using this wonderful old space.
 Sweetie is obsessed with dragons.  What's with boys and dragons? 
The reason I return over and over to Mo:le Restaurant on Pandora Street!  The Simon Whitfield Yam Omelette... let me tantalize your taste buds for a minute: Sage Roasted Yams, Onions, Peppers and Fresh Basil Topped with Goat Cheese and Served with Hot Buttered Toast and Pesto Hash Browns.  Wasn't that mean of me :)

 Love Love Love the colors of these old buildings on Johnson Street.
 A Winter Marmalade stand at the Farmers Market.  Don't they look pretty!
A lofty view of Market Square.  Such potential!

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