Sunday, March 27, 2011

What I like and what I don't like... about blogging

One of the reasons I started blogging was.... essentially... fear. It seemed the older I got the faster time was going by. I needed to be able to slow it down a bit, make a mark... a record of the passage and what I was doing in it. I do think this is the case for a lot of people.... I could be wrong ...

I am quite pleased when I see now that I am able to look back and see what was I doing this time last year? The year before that? It’s a really fantastic diary! Of course it doesn’t contain the personal stuff that diaries are made of, but I have hit the highlights and am able to fill in from there :)

The other huge benefit to me is I have effectively catalogued my photos. Quite a while back Sweetie bought me a coolmax external hard drive which I promptly transferred my gijillion photos to. Well this was okay but I needed a system! There’s that damn right/left brain war again. So I decided simple is a good start... I catalogued the everyday photos by month and any special moments like family celebrations (like my Grandparents 75th Anniversary !!) or our vacations in their own folders. It turns out simple works for me!

So it seems the only negative is the dry spells... There are definitely times when I really have nothing to say, even to myself. I just am. I’m not necessarily doing. That brings me to a wonderful writer/blogger whos’ coined the brilliant concept of BLOGGING WITHOUT OBLIGATION. A wonderful idea and one that I have to convince myself is okay!

If you feel the same check this out: blogging without obligation

Looking back to last years entries in March I found I was recovering from carpel tunnel surgery, taking a lot of photos and running away to Victoria!  Isn't that a kick!   As a retrospective I am sharing some photos today of the gorgeous flower arrangment my wonderful coworkers sent me as a get well and the amazing Abkhazi Gardens in Victoria.

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