Monday, March 28, 2011

Vancouver Island Jewel.... Chemainus

I’m a little embarrassed by the paltry amount of exploring I have done on my very own Island.  I was born here, why have I not seen this before?  Behold, Chemainus, BC. a jewel the Island can be proud of.  This lovely little church is St.Michael and All Angels Anglican.  Isn't it gorgeous.  

On our way home from our Victoria getaway Sweetie and I stopped in Chemainus.  I though “what a perfect place for photo ops!”  I have to tell you it’s much more than that. Of course I took tons of photos but when I put the camera down, I saw a wonderful small town, with friendly people, amazing scenery and the most amazing Art everywhere.

These murals cover the sides of some massive buildings.  They are spectacular.
 The brushwork on this lovely lady is wonderful. 

 Sweetie made a wish .... probably that I would hurry up already!
 We found a lovely little park on the waterfront to stop for a picnic.  What a view.

My favourite mural of all....


newwaytowrite said...

That last mural must be relatively new. Do you remember a store front that was near. I can seek it out for a good look in the flesh in the next while.

aguja said...

These are amazing murals and scenes that your camera (and you!) have captured so well. I love people sharing the place in which they live; like bringing the world to my doorstep - in small peeks.

Elizabeth said...

Such stunning photos

loved the one of ripples in water the very best!