Monday, June 28, 2010

a different point of view

I am sure there are days that my neighbors think I have lost it.  I will be laying on the ground under some plant taking pictures...  trying for a unusual perspective.  Today I decided to give up control (gasp) and let the camera do all the work. Holding the camera under the lily, I just snapped away.  I didn`t know what I had until I unloaded the card.  What a wonderful surprise!

I love how in this shot the background was in focus, not the lilies.  I think this is how I see without my glasses...

Here`s another odd perspective, I think I`ll call this one Tower of Flower. 

And when you focus down - the trees shadows look like lace on the ground.

And way way up, the rainbow ring around the sun is subtle and beautiful 


Catherine said...

A very good sign of a true photographer ~ getting into any position to get a unique shot! :)

Excellent photos!

Linda Robinson said...

WOW... Just beautiful!

Terra said...

These are lovely artistic photos, especially flower tower and the lilies, since I grow them and love them.