Sunday, June 20, 2010

97 photos later....

This time of year a 10 minute walkabout in the yard can result in 97 photos. Once I get snapping I loose all semblance of control.  

What I love about digital photos and the many editing tools out there is you can control exactly what is seen, and what is NOT seen.

With this photo I managed not to show you the grotesque messy area to the left that once housed a very nice deck. Over time, and yes, with some neglect, it just rotted away into nothingness. The nothingness actually came about after applying much muscle and sweat to many power tools. In the end we hauled away 6 pickup loads of rotten lumber.  My vision for the area is a lovely little rock/gravel garden with wrought iron stairs coming down from the french doors.  Right now it's just a big ugly space full of weeds and left over garden pots, French doors that badly need paint, and no stairs at all. And no, you can't see it!  Well, maybe if I do a before and after photo shoot. 

I guess I could have cropped out the fiberglass lampshade from the 70's (it's sitting in a lawn chair on the front deck) but then we wouldn't see the peek-a-boo view down the lane between the house and garage.  My plan was to power wash the lampshade, line it with moss and plant in it. We shall see...

At the moment a yellow bird magnolia tree,a mock orange shrub and an evergreen clematis are blocking the view of our front door.  Which is really okay by me as it badly needs a paint job. I just can't decide what color it should be.  I really need to weed around those lavenders!

A mock orange shrub is now climbing all over the new roof (love the new roof).  Yes, it really is a shrub.  I guess I should try to curtail that a little for next season.

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