Sunday, June 27, 2010

before & after

This post should be called "before and work in progress".  Let's be honest, in the garden there never is an after.  You are never really finished!  My lovely lavenders, planted along the edge of the driveway were so filled with weeds that you couldn`t distinguish one from the other. After some sweat, sore knees and a sore back (I`m getting too old for this crap) they look a tad better.    

This disgraceful mess was the fence line between us and our wonderful neighbors.  One day we ladies got fed up with the falling down fence and weeds so we went for it and cleared it all out.  Neither of us were crazy about  the idea of replacing the fence so we purchased a few beautiful clumping bamboo plants and started from there.  I cleaned up the garbage on our side (stuff Sweetie thought we would eventually use) hauled in some rocks from around the yard (yes, I have quite a collection) and that was that!  

On my side I`ve purchased a few new plants but mostly just relocated plants that are generous enough to multiply. I definitely need some more color in here (yes, didn`t I say we are never done) so will continue to tweak!

With a $6 can of Krylon paint for plastic and the best invention ever for DIYèr a spray can trigger from Lee Valley tools, the ugliest stained white lawn chair can be transformed into something you might want to sit on!  I have 5 more chairs to go.... just waiting for a day that isn`t so windy!

And then there are the before and after`s that you really have nothing to do with.  Summer has finally arrived, the plants are making good use of all the rain we have had, and are bolting in the sun!

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