Saturday, June 12, 2010

At last, a nice weekend

This weather makes me want to go to the beach, or at the very least play with photos from my favorite beach.

celebrate the liquid magic ocean
delicious secret velvet blue
embrace free wet peace
in translucent surroundings
the soft rhythm seeps in
from the universe, deep & brilliant
like a lingering kiss


Anonymous said...

Wow, great pic and wonderful poem

Becca said...

Love your photographs! I look forward to seeing more of where you live, looks beautiful there!
Thank you for visiting me and following my blog. :-)

Linda Robinson said...

Your pictures are amazing...


Catherine said...

Hello Angela!

While I do love living in Southwest Saskatchewan (although we are experiencing uncharacteristic flooding this week), I do know BC is one of the most beautiful provinces. Your photos make me feel like I am right there.

I found you through Becca at Patina Moon ~ and I'm so glad I did! :)

I will be back!