Sunday, May 23, 2010

another reason to love picniks

 While the original photo of the bleeding hearts is pretty, when you play a bit in picnik the result is really great.  Here is the same photo inverted and framed.  I think it deserves to be printed! Maybe this is the one to try out my new "Image Transfer Made Easy Kit" by Melanie Matthews. Check out the kit here.

These fern fronds emerging from dark earth are the perfect subject for picnik mirror image frame.  LOVE IT!

I can't remember which effect I tried on this photo of a tongue fern (great name isn't it!) .. I think it's "gritty" or something like that..... the frame really finishes it off nicely.
And lastly, just because I couldn't resist... this little stone guy is under 2" high, he's so small he's wearing a limpet shell for a hat. :)

1 comment:

Gladys Love said...

The heart shaped rain drop is absolutely stunning. And the little guy with the limpet hat is adorable. Fantastic pictures.