Wednesday, May 5, 2010

healthy hearts and rainbows

This time last year I was beside myself with excitement as I was just one week away from finally visiting New York City.  I so long for that feeling again! I believe the planning and researching and just plain anticipation of a vacation is a very large part of the joy I get from taking one.  This is an area that sweetie and I disagree on.  He would far rather just up and take off; the waiting is not fun for him, he hates to wait for anything.  Needless to say, this May when we found ourselves waiting for him to see a heart specialist in Victoria for angioplasty, there was much stress in our household.  We finally got the call for his May 3rd appointment.  We headed there with equal amounts of anticipation and dread.  To make a long story short, after a one day delay, he emerged from his surgery a new man (I am sure he thinks he`s invincible now). After more than a few sleepless nights and long days of waiting, things are definitely looking up.  How apropos that I look out the window of the hotel room and see this lovely rainbow !

I really enjoy the "askew" aspect of this photo.  You just never know what you are going to get when you lean out of your hotel window.
There is nothing more interesting to me than a city rooftop photo.  So much to look at.

I took a mega zoomed photo of the tree line across the bay and the grey overcast day really helped with the mood. 

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