Thursday, May 27, 2010

Red sky at night

Can you take too many photos of sunsets? I really don't think so. It seems each is unique, like a fingerprint.

This is the same view as above ~ with 6 weeks of growth by the maple leaves!  I guess I really shouldn't hate the rain so much.

The colors here are for real. I didn't edit them in any way.  It was a spectacular night.

And for a tiny bit of trivia:

Red Sky At Night... The origin of the saying is unknown, although a form of it appears in the bible (Matthew 16:2-3). It has some basis in science and is a fairly good predictor of-though no guarantee-of weather at the mid latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, where storm systems generally follow the jet stream from west to east. A red sky in the morning indicates a sun rising in clear eastern skies casting its rays on storm clouds approaching from the west. At night the clear sight of the red setting sun would tell a sailor that no storms are to the west.

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