Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day Four & Five, Trip to San Fran

I can certainly think of worst places to be stuck when your car breaks down.   This is a view of the lighthouse in Crescent City, CA.  One of the gents we met while waiting at the auto shop told us that when the tide was low you could walk all the way out.  I wonder if he was pulling our leg?   Anyway, it was so beautiful ~ I took far too many pictures of it.  In a couple I captured an adventurous fellow out in a kayak.  What a great way to enjoy the water.  
We did a lot more driving around the city today, we now know all of the ways  in and out of Crescent City.  I even spent some time at the Home Depot here.  I wish I could take plants with me across the border.  So many different species than what we have available to us.  I imagine most of them would require a greenhouse to survive. 
The main beach that wraps around the city is called Pebble beach.  On our first day here you could hardly see anything it was so fogged in.  Today it was just spectacular. 
We weren't able to leave Crescent City until after 3pm so we made the difficult decision not to carry on to San Francisco.   We just didn't have enough time to do the things that we wanted to and get back to BC in time for both of us to return to work.  We know we will likely fly there this winter.  February is a great month to miss in BC....
The upshot of this episode with the car is now we can take our time heading back north and stop in all the wonderful little towns that I saw blur by in our rush to San Fran.  Rockaway Beach here we come.

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