Friday, August 21, 2009

Day Six, The Trip Home to BC

We drove from Crescent City north along highway 101, the same route we had come.  So many little seaside towns to visit... so little time.  One of the areas that appealed to us on the way down was Bandon by the Sea.  We decided to stop there for the night and explore a bit of the area the next morning.  We found this cute little motel just a few minutes from the beach.  It was the cleanest place I have ever seen and the rates were great. 
We had yet another wonderful meal in a little seaside restaurant call The Wheelhouse (recommended by our motel owner), we did a little walk around the waterfront and called it a night!

The next morning we decided to visit the game park we had passed the previous day.  This little beauty was one of their main attractions.  She was so calm it was slightly unnerving. Her parents were sleeping in the sun (in a cage) nearby but didn't seem disturbed at all that we were so near to her.  If you want to know more about the Game Park ~ here is a link

I know that this type of place is the only way we will ever observe these animals up close; it was still heartbreaking to witness them caged.
 I did get a chuckle when Sweetie and I and a little girl were standing in front of the bear cage and he mentioned that they sounded annoyed.  He looked over at me and said "They could be over that fence in seconds if they really wanted to".   The little girl took off running... and so did I!
  I also have to mention an Art studio I visited just a few minutes north of the game farm, called the Laurel Studio & Gallery.  Absolutely gorgeous work.  Paintings of whimscal characters atop the astonishing rock formations the Oregon coast is so famous for, and amazing textile art too.  If you are going through Bandon, you have to see it.
Next stop Lincoln City, OR, that is after a quick shop through Misty Meadows Jam shop.  It's all about the jams here people!  We bought some Marionberry Jelly, Apricot Butter, cranberry mustard and BBQ rub.  Yummy

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