Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't forget about Nehalem, OR

Between Manzanita and Rockaway Beach on hwy 101 is the fair city of Nehalem.  There was an odd sense of deja vu when we drove through this delightful little town.  Both sweetie and I realized that it reminded us of a small town we had visited somewhere on Maui.  It could have been the beautifully colorful buildings or the profusion of plants and glorious flowers, even the feel of it was so amazingly familiar.  I will have to go through all those pictures and find out where it was.....
We made an ever so brief stop here (this was on day two of the road trip to San Fran and we had a schedule to maintain, or so I was told over and over and over :)
There was rich, vibrant art displayed along side lovely antiques..  We could have taken a car load with us if we dared.  As it was we escaped with a lovely local print, a colorful coffee travel mug (something about a three peckered billy goat??), a colorful balloon kite for my office at work and a sample of some local fudge. Yum

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