Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home at last

The last picture taken on the road to home...we were just leaving Astoria for Washington state, to catch the Coho ferry in Port Angeles. This immense bridge crosses the mouth of the Columbia River and the state line between Oregon and Washington.
 The weather had certainly turned on us as we neared the end of our journey.  There is good reason that the Pacific Northwest is so very green. :)
We arrived in the parking lot for the Coho ferry about 3 hours ahead of sailing time which was 12:45. We were told that since we didn't have a reservation (we really weren't certain what day we would be there let alone what time) and we were the 5th car without one, we might not make this sailing.  Next sailing is 5:30 PM.  Yikes.   All we could do was wait... 

While Sweetie slept in the car (he had been up very early that morning) I walked around town.  It's quite a bit cleaner and really more pleasant than I remembered it to be.  There are some great shops right down by the ferry terminal.  About 12:30 the ferry started to load, and load and load... I was beginning to lose hope.  The fellow behind us, number 6,  reported back to us that it didn't look good.  Sigh.  When you are this close to home all you want to do is keep going.  Well, luck was finally on our side.  We were the last car waived on.  Unlucky number 6...  the doors are closing.... no wait a minute... we are asked to jockey forward, back, sideways if we can.... the doors open again... there he is lucky number 6.

We are home.  It wasn't a long trip but with all the special events along the way, it was exhausting.  I have come to a couple of conclusions as well.  I am so not a road trip gal.  I resent being in my car for longer than 1 hour, I have a strong aversion to sleeping in a different bed every night and although most of the meals we had were either good or even spectacular, it's just too much, too much, too much.

While we were away, fall came.  My first photo foray out into my garden proves this.  The leaves are turning color as are the flowers on the peegee.  This peegee is not mine, I only aspire to have one such as this.  It's a very mature plant, the flowers are 8 feet off the ground.  It lives on a vacant lot just down the road from me.  I wonder if they are easy to transplant. .. ...  Would that make my little baby peegee jealous,   maybe it would it try a little harder to excel?

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