Saturday, August 22, 2009

What do bridges, trees and rocks have in common?

I really have no idea what the answer to that question is.  I just seem to have an endless facination regarding all three of them.  I take pictures of bridges and trees and every where I go I collect rocks.  Okay, so I take pictures of rocks too, what can I say. 
With the rugged coastline of Washington and Oregon comes some pretty amazing bridge structures.  Along with the beauty in Astoria (already pictured in this blog) are these three.  Sad to say, I can't remember where on the trip they were.  And I even missed a couple of them as we were zipping along, trying to keep on schedule.   I know it isn't Sweeties fault that I didn't have the camera at the ready!


This is a small collection of rocks that came home from Lincoln City Oregon with me.   I spied the largest one while we were sitting in a restaurant eating dinner. I love the egg shape of it.  Dinner was  very good and if you are ever in Lincoln City, try Kyllo's Seafood. I would make a reservation if I was to go back.  Although, it was worth the wait, and I did get a great rock too. 
The tripple stack of flat rocks are from the same beach. I had to work hard to convince Sweetie that the super flat one wasn't going to be skipped on the water, it was coming home!    After dinner we had ambled down to the beach, jumped a small creek and continued on a ways.  Sweetie doesn't walk when he's not at work, apparently he does too much of that there... 
The lava like rocks in the right of the picture are from Lincoln city as well and those were gathered on the trip south when we stopped at Cold Stone Creamery.  Thank goodness we have those in BC now :)

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