Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gardening in Hades?

I had almost forgotten about the blog when a friend mentioned it the other day. It started as a way to capture and record my adventures in photography as I am terrible at sorting and filing my pictures. And since I don't scrapbook (I don't even print my pictures) a blog seemed like a great idea.  However every time I think of making an entry I wonder who would be interested in my world? So in the odd chance that anyone is... ... here I go again...

This summer gardening has been quite a challenge. Most plants (the ones not nibbled to a stub by deer) have been crushed by the unrelenting heat wave we experienced in July ~ then there's the ban on watering.... It's been very difficult to keep some plants alive. But here is proof positive that one of the most common of plants can outshine anything you can buy in a specialty nursery. No water, no fertilizer, no interference from me at all and these lovelies are just flourishing. I can't seem to stop taking pictures of them..... Even as they fade away their beauty lives on.
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