Monday, September 21, 2009

Painted garbage cans! What's next?

Yesterday Gladys and I painted a garbage can.   Now I know that sounds odd but I have to tell you it was the most fun I've had in ages.  It's a gift for her son who undoubtedly has a great sense of humour.   She got this idea from a set of pasta bowls that she is giving him, and from the fact that his family is so large they need a full size garbage can in their kitchen. Hard to imagine isn’t it!

The first picture really makes me smile because Gladys is the only one there with a head. (And NO she isn't standing in the can).   For quite a while the fat chef’s were all headless. It was most disconcerting. Once they got heads it even got weirder because none had faces yet. We decided to finish the faces with sharpie pens so the paint has to be really set for that step. I can hardly wait!  Our base coat was Krylon paint for plastic and it was fantastic coverage.

I love that I remembered my camera for this event, and  I love even more that I can record it in a blog. Now I will have this day forever. Yay!

The more art blogs I read the more I am beginning to realize it isn’t just about the photos or the art that is being produced. It’s about the process and the recording of time going by (so very very quickly).   We are all making a visualtrack of our lives.  Am I allowed to makeup words here?  

Well, Yes I am.    This is my blog.

Here a brief look at our progress ~ with one bonus picture of the cutest (and he knows it) dog in the world.
Fat Chef Weekend pic's slideshow

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Gladys Love said...

Yes, the kid loved it. He called as soon as he saw it and said "I gotta admit mom, you guys did one heck of a job on that garbage can...I love it....whodda thunk??" So it was not only a lot of fun with my friend, but went over well too!