Monday, September 14, 2009

What’s to miss about summer...

The onset of fall is undoubtedly a miraculous thing. The smell alone should be bottled. It's so fresh and sweet with everything at its peak of growth, and just a hint of  decay. I  just love  the fall weather, so temperate with wind  that's still warm but gaining momentum.  The intensity of the summer sun is tamed.  With its glut of strong color and the overabundance of everything summer has to offer ~ it is almost too much some times. Yet even so it’s hard to say goodbye isn't it?

We can pack up the outdoor furniture, the hoses, sprinklers and watering wands. Away they go. There’s so much work that goes with summer. Is that the reason we can sigh in relief when it's over?  I wonder how people in perpetually sunny climes feel about one to two seasons at best?   I know  I would miss fall and maybe even winter... .. .

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Gladys Love said...

Thank you for the promotion of my book, but next time you go to Leapenhi, I need to come too!