Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some hidden, some not so much

Have you ever noticed that some fruits are very visible ~ as in the case of these crabapples.  Yesterday I picked four buckets of these lovely little apples.  I managed to give two away, but now I am faced with quite a few cups of crabapple juice.  I love the jelly made from these particular crabapples, it's the most beautiful color, and the taste is out of this world.  It's just with the laundry, vaccumming and general after the weekend cleanup, I don't really have time for this :)   Yet, I did have time to take pictures of them, and even more time to play with that picture.  I really like the result of this manipulation.

Right across the driveway are the filbert nut trees.  You really have to search out the nuts, they are so camouflaged. The birds don't seem to have the same problem I do though, which is why they get most of them.

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